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The XtremeCare Way

Xtremecare Australia (XCA) is an NDIS Registered Provider specialising in delivering supports to First Nations People. We are experts in Support Coordination and Plan Management services, with a prominent focus on remote regions. We understand the importance of delivering a culturally safe and competent service to ensure fair and equitable access to all.

Our Story

Our Services

Xtremecare is here to support you on your NDIS journey. We have been in the NDIS space since the rollout of the NDIS and have a team of highly skilled and committed  staff to support you. Our core services are:

Key Features

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Service

Xtremecare Australia (XCA) understands the importance of delivering a culturally appropriate and safe service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in all communities across Australia. It is important that our participant’s cultural needs and connection to country are upheld in our service provision and delivery.

Culturally Safe & Competent

Specialist in Remote Service Delivery

holistic service delivery approach

We Work With

Xtremecare Australia is committed to building working relationships with other providers and organisations to deliver the best outcomes for our participants.

We have experienced staff to assist with all of your enquiries, please contact us on (07) 5514 6500 or email