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XtremeCare Australia

Plan Management

XtremeCare Australia

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is a service to assist in the management of funds in your NDIS Plan. We are known as your ‘Plan Manager’.

Our goal as your Plan Manager is to equip you with all of the tools necessary to give you choice and control over your NDIS Plan.

We will work along side you throughout your NDIS journey to ensure you maximise your funding and achieve your goals.

Our service comes at no cost to you and is funded by the NDIS.

XtremeCare Australia

As Your Plan Manager We Will:

  • Pay your NDIS invoices in a timely manner and resolve any issues quickly
  • Provide a Monthly Statement so you can keep track of your funding expenditure and monitor paid invoices
  • Support you to maximise your NDIS funding and provide personalised advice to your individual needs and circumstances
  • Manage your NDIS funding by tracking expenditure and reporting back to you about any concerns we may have
  • Maintaining records on your behalf to meet NDIA Standards
  • Give you more choice and control over who provides your NDIS services. As a Plan Managed participant you will be able to access non-registered providers.
  • Give you access to our Participant Portal to see budget balances and expenditure in real time to remain transparent.

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